The Rickenbacker Automobile Club of America is dedicated to those interested in Rickenbacker Automobiles, manufactured from 1922 to 1927, by the Rickenbacker Motor Company (RMC), in Detroit, Michigan. Our aim is to generate interest in this unique marque, and distribute information and helpful tips for the restoration and operation of these automobiles. These unique cars become an important part of our automotive history for future generations to enjoy. Hopefully, more cars can be rediscovered and become operable again.

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The Rickenbacker Automotive Club of America has a bi-yearly newsletter which is sent out to all members. The newsletter, called "The Hat in The Ring" consists of around six to eight pages of Rickenbacker car related information.

Volume No. I - Issue No. I - Spring 1969

This is where it all began for the Rickenbacker Car Club of America in 1969!


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