1925 SN27097 B8 Brougham

I'd like to start this off with a tribute to my Grandparents, Joe & Adga Alt. Many things in my life today are a result of their influence on myself and my family. Things like;

They married in the livingroom of their home, so did we.

My daughters middle name is Adga, after Grandma Alt

Their loving and caring-ness for all people and the beautiful country we live in.

Accepting everybody for who they are, and accepting me for who I am.

As a child my Dad & Grandpa took me down to Midwest Old Thresher Reunion and starting my love for the old gas engines.

Grandpa always talking about his favorite "old car", the Rickenbacker!! Now YOU can see how that influenced me through these web pages.

Grandpa passed away in the spring of 1995, only months before my wife and I purchased our first old car: 1928 Dodge 4 dr. Victory Six. This is really when I started a serious quest to find a Rickenbacker Car. About a year later the picture you see posted below, popped up from Grandpa's archive of photos. This was their Rickenbacker!!! The picture was taken in 1936 at my Great Grandpa's farm just outside North Liberty, IA. It was taken just before my Grandparent's left on their honeymoon. I was able to get a detailed story about this car and it's important use from my Grandma, it's worth reading!! (Here's Grandma's story)

1925 SN27097 B6 Brougham

Then in the fall of 1998 I found my first Rickenbacker. We had really no intent of buying it, I just wanted to see a Rickenbacker Car, I'd never seen one yet!!! After seeing the car we fell in love with the unusualness of the 4 passenger coupe and ended up buying it. (Here's our ‘23 Coupe story)

My quest still was a car like pictured above. In the spring of 2000 that dream came true. I found a 1925 4 dr. Brougham just like the picture!! But even better is it's an 8 cylinder car; this is 1 of 2, 1925 8 cylinder Broughams that still exist today!!! This car was in the middle of restorations when the owner past away leaving it looking like this. After the ‘23 Coupe is complete I will start this dream car of mine.

~ Steve & Sandra Alt